Swap Two Numbers using third variable & without using third variable

Write a function that swaps the values of the two variables using third variable called as temporary variable.

For example: 
If A=5 and B=6 , after swapping the variables should have values as A=6 and B=5.

Method 1:
1. Copy the value of A to the temporary variable, say temp. Now, A=5, B=6, temp=5
2. Copy the value of B to A. A=6, B=6, temp=5
3. Copy the value of temp to B. A=6, B=5, temp=5
4. Now the variables A & B has the swapped values.



Enter value 1: 5
Enter value 2: 6

Before Swapping:
Value1=5     Value2=6

After Swapping:
Value1=6     Value2=5

Method 2:

Swapping the values of two variables can be done, without using a third variable also, using the following method.

Where a and b are the two numbers whose values should be swapped(Exchanged) between each other. 



Enter the value of a: 5
Enter the value of b: 6
Before swapping:
a=5       b=6
After swapping:
a=6       b=5